Spring Cup 2018

Welcome Cup,  May 11 - 13, 2018
Hcp 4 to 6

This year the Team RS has won the first weekend of our Spring Cup 2018 followed by Team La Celina, Team Cassiopeia (last year’s winner) and Team Black.

Our congratulations go to Renate Seidler, Sussana Jahn, Carlos Genes and Ignacio Brunetti – as well as to the best Polo Pony ‘Monjita’ played by Ignacio Brunetti and owned by Renate Seidler.

Spring Cup,  May 18 - 20, 2018
Hcp 4 to 6

Teams: RS, Tagmersheim, Cassiopeia, Amadeus, Black, Los Abogados, Liechtenstein Polo Klub, Kali Polo Klub

After two successful days of Polo and perfect conditions in terms of weather, field and surroundings, the host Baron Drasche-Wartinberg welcomed more than 200 spectators on the pitch. The day was the perfect highlight of a high-caliber sport-weekend.

The subsidiary final was dominated by the Teams Amadeus and Black who shared the first position after finishing even on the last chukker.  In the big final, both teams played an open Polo, fluid and elegant until the end when Segundo Copello (Team Tagmersheim) couldn’t score his goal by a penalty of 60 yards. The already well-rehearsed winner Team Cassiopeia from Hungary showed strength and continuity under the leadership of Pro Fernando Miño, the most valuable player of the entire Tournament.

Horse 'Peluda' played by Segundo Copello was chosen the best Polo Pony and Isabel von Morgenstern was honored for her fair play.

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